MG TF convertibleMG fans in the US may now rejoice. Austin-Healey enthusiasts mourn; however as Nanjing and GB Sports Cars agree to ditch plans to revive the vintage marque. The two parners will instead focus on the MG brand with a plan to build sports cars and large sedans. Central to this new plan is bringing MG back to the US. This is a wise move, and it is surprising that Nanjing has included this in their plans with GB Sports Cars. Nanjing is still working out some intellectual property issues with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC), which is claiming they own the rights to Rover's engines and cars. The MG brand has huge potential here in the US. BMW managed to market Mini in the US, a brand with little history in the US. MG, however, has a loyal following here and certainly has much more 'romance' associated with it than Mini. The only catch is going to be product, if the MGs that show up on our shores are high-priced, low-quality junk. Perhaps we're being too harsh, but there is a lot of competition in our convertible/roadster market and MG will have to face it head on. Although the MG TF is shapely, it's not exactly the sort of US revival car we would hope for.

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