Marketing automobiles usually focuses on getting the public excited about the total package, but every once in awhile an engine itself becomes a bigger attraction than the car it powers. The modern-day HEMI V8 in use by Chrysler and Dodge are a perfect example of how successfully marketing an engine can drive up auto sales. Chrysler has just announced that it's produced its 1,000,000th HEMI V8 since the engine was reintroduced in the 2003 Dodge Ram 2500. The bulk of HEMIs produced are the 5.7L, though SRT products like the Chrysler 300C SRT8 use a larger 6.1L version producing 425 hp. Displacement-on-demand is also now a standard feature on most 2006 models using the engine. The article from Canadian Driver also contains the take-rate for the HEMI broken down by model. For instance, 67% of all Dodge Chargers are being delivered with the beastly motor. The Dodge Ram 2500 in which the modern-day HEMI first appeared has a take-rate of only 14%. So next time you see a Chrysler product at a stoplight you won't have to ask "That thing got a HEMI?" It probably does.

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