The author of this report from PistonHeads is pretty harsh towards the now defunct Z8 while reporting that a successor dubbed the Z10 is currently in the works by BMW. The Z8, which admittedly didn't sell that many units, was a pre-Bangle design experiment that was much more organic and retro than the current design language. Regardless of your thoughts on the Z8, the Z10 sounds like it will be a much more serious performer. Employing the same aluminum spaceframe chassis as the Z8, it will be the size of a Gallardo but weigh a significant 550 pounds less. Power will come from the corporate 500-hp 5.0L V10, which may be bored out to 5.5L for duty in the Z10. A seven-speed sequential gearbox will divide the momentum and a trick carbon-fiber folding roof will keep the center of gravity low. The price will probably be somewhere between $100,000 and $110,000.

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