Owners of the 2003 Nissan 350Z were a little miffed when their front-end alignments began causing irregular tire wear that led to extremely loud road noise. Nissan responded by extending the vehicle's warranty concerning front-end alignments and monitoring the 2004 vehicles that were just then leaving the lots. As it turned out, correcting the alignment didn't fully resolve the issue and Nissan stepped up to additionally equip these vehicles with new tires that featured a different tread pattern more resistant to this "heel-toe" wear. The company has now announced that it will extend this special warranty relating to front-end alignment on all 2003 and 2004 350Z models for up to 36 months from the in-service date or October 31st of this year, whichever is later. The extension is to ensure that the issue does not reoccur after the initial in-service repair. Kudos to Nissan for admitting a mistake that didn't even necessitate a recall and fixing it.

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