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Normally, we are not huge fans of the paper comparisons of two 'competing' models. That may seem obvious, because Forbes is not a traditional automotive media outlet. However, their latest mash up of the Ford Ranger and Nissan Frontier is an interesting one. Everyone and their brother knows that the Ford Ranger is getting old. Most of its competition have moved up in size and power, so you would expect that the Nissan would handily defeat the Ford. Although Forbes was impressed by the Nissan, consumers still flock to the trusty Ranger. Despite declining sales, Ford sold 75,673 Rangers to Nissan's 42,229 Frontiers in the first seven months of the year. Forbes brings up the dismal crash test scores and owner satisfaction. What is the explanation for this sales volume? American loyalty for domestic trucks, deep discounts, and the Ranger name are all cited. There are some serious discounts on this truck, even before the Ford Family Plan you could get $3000 in rebates. The Ranger nameplate still has some solid value, and Ford would be wise to heavily revise this vehicle before they totally destroy its goodwill.

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