They're here! The first 1,000 units of the Pontiac Solstice, which are tagged as "special edition" cars, were shipped to dealers last weekend. In honor of the event GM held a ceremony in downtown Detroit last Friday and invited all of the first 1,000 owners to attend. About 200 RSVP'd and were treated to road tests (limited to around the block) and a speech by Bob Lutz, during which he revealed that he had not been posting under the moniker of SolsticeMan on The biggest news at the party may have been first impressions of the roadster's color palette. Deep (Blue) and Envious (Green) were big hits, along with the always classy Cool (Silver). The least favorite color might turn out to be Aggressive (Red), which perhaps should be renamed Tomato. I'll take my Solstice in Mysterious (Black).

Check out a bunch of pics and more info from the event over at SolsticeForum.

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