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FlashInsider?s David Robinson is Bloggin straight from Siggraph all week while Mike Schleifstein complains about computer science being more important than art for web development and discovers unintelligent web site design will cause your users to leave forever.

cinematicalCinematical?s Karina Longworth reviews The Aristocrats and browses the Lesbian Movie Scene Encyclopedia while Bob Sassone investigates the death of Tom Hanks.

bbhubBBHub?s Russell Shaw finds Blackberry Poker, finds wireless coverage under San Francisco and says you don?t need a laptop anymore.

photoshopThe Unofficial Photoshop Weblog?s Jan Kabili debuts the new Just Ask feature by answering a reader?s question about clipping masks in Photoshop CS and CS2,explains how to give your photos a contrast bump without losing too much detail,and seeks new bloggers for The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog.

voipThe VoIP Weblog?s Ted Wallingford says the bottom line is money, discourages the UN from taking over and ruining ICANN, and recommends some changes to SwitchVox?s tips for small businesses thinking about VoIP.

gadlingGadling?s Erik Olsen ponders a PhD in air guitar and welcomes Al Gore?s Current TV while Adrienne Wilson smells a nostril tour.

hdbeatHDBeat?s Kevin C. Tofel explains the difference between EDTV and HDTV and asks who are the scariest celebrities in HD while Todd Carter wants to know what shows you want to see in HD.

tvTVSquad?s Jen Segrest on more house arrest for Martha while Adam Finley likes naked people (on the BBC) and Bob Sassone reveals the worst news of the week.

babyBlogging Baby?s Stefania Butler asks if bottle-feeding is the mark of a bad mother while Jay Allen reports on the slow erasure of the separation of church and the state of Texas and Sarah Gilbert wants to know what to do when a stranger want to hold your baby.

tuawTUAW?s Laurie A. Duncan reminds us that August is Mac Mod Month and Scott McNulty laments HP?s ditching the iPod while C.K. Sample, III freaks out at the introduction of Apple?s first multibutton-esque mouse.

wirelessThe Wireless Weblog?s Michael Sciannamea agrees that the end of the Texas WiFi Fight will have wide implications and says that cellphones and their related services are as easy to purchase as a bottle of milk while covering the government?s approval of the Sprint-Nextel merger.

luxistLuxist?s Rick Reed discovers a pair of pricey Prada kicks and Peter Thompson whisks us away to Marianne Island while Deidre Woollard finds history mixed with luxury at the Joel Smith Estate.


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