Green Car Congress is reporting that the upcoming Toyota Camry Hybrid may be shipped with the same hybrid powertrain found in the Highlander Hybrid. The Highlander's hybrid powertrain couples the company's 3.3L V6 with a 123kW motor to produce a peak 268 combined horsepower. The author of the article interprets this as a sign that Toyota, and the industry as a whole, is more focused on the performance potential of hybrids than their ability to maximize fuel efficiency. Quite frankly, we think the idea of a hybrid Camry with 268 horsepower is great and that Toyota, of all automakers producing hybrids, deserves to drop the green flag for a moment and raise a checkered one. Why can't automakers develop both hybrids designed as powerful performers and fuel-economy kings? And isn't a hybrid V6 sports car at least better for Mother Earth than one using a gas-guzzling V8, V10 or V12?

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