Takeo Fukui, Chief Executive President of Honda, told Reuters that Honda will decide within three years whether or not to produce a V8 engine. The decision depends heavily on the success of the current V10 it's developing for the next NSX. The article notes that Honda has in the past stated it would not develop a V8. Fukui, however, simply states, "If we make a V10, we might just as well make a V8." Couldn't have said it better ourselves. More than likely the Ridgeline is behind Honda's change of heart. As Toyota learned with the Tundra, six cylinders just isn't enough for a truck in North America. In order for the "ugly truckling" to earn respect as a pickup and begin to gain sales, it will need both the extra power and bravado image only a V8 can provide. Beyond the Ridgeline, we would expect a V8 to find its way into the Pilot, as well as the Acura RL and MDX. If we really stretch our imaginations we could foresee Acura switching to rear-wheel drive and even a V8 S2000. Now wouldn't that be nice?

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