Toyota, of "profits are not important" fame, saw a second consequtive drop in quarterly profits. Don't cry too much, though; even after a 7% drop, they still made $2.4 billion in three months. They continue to state that new-product development is their major drag on profits, and it's not hard to believe that considering they've got 16 new or revised models launching in the next 30 months. Is there an affordable Supra replacement? How about a Celica? No, but there will be two replacements for the Echo. Ah, yes;, that vehicle is so wildly successful, it needs two new models to fill its shoes. Then there are the hybrid versions of the Camry and Lexus GS, and the FJ Cruiser. Yea, we know, those don't fit together all that well, but when you're Toyota you can get away with that. Also expect to see another Scion model. And here's another interesting tidbit from the same article. Last month, sales of the Prius trailed those of the Chrysler 300 by less than 1,000 units.

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