Or so a quote goes about a 9-minute short film called "C'├ętait un Rendezvous" in which a man drives like a maniac through the streets of 1970's Paris with only an engine roaring and tires squealing for a soundtrack. The single-shot film, made in 1976 by French director Claude Lelouch, employs no special effects and was created using only a front bumper-mounted camera. No one knows what type of car was used or whether Lelouch was the actual driver. The legend goes that at the film's first screening the director was arrested on the spot and after that the film went underground. It has since resurfaced and been restored and is now even available on DVD. Or you could just go here to watch the whole thing. Search for "Rendezvous Racer" on the main page and enjoy.
[Thanks to Sun Devil for the tip]

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