Jerry Flint has been no big fan of Ford lately, and recently stated that he thinks Chrysler can pass them for the #2 spot in the US. In his column this week, he gets specific with his gripes, and starts right off with the planned cancellation of the Freestyle crossover vehicle. Let's see - crossovers are gaining in popularity, the Freestyle outsells the Five Hundred (that was a bit of a surprise), and the vehicle will be coming back anyways as a '07 Mercury model. Yea, it's hard to disagree with Flint on this one; it seems like a dumb move. He then goes on about the lack of a suitably-updated Focus, Ford's inaction on the Panther platform that supports the Crown Vic, and the eventual move of the Lincoln Town Car to an AWD platform at the time when big RWD sedans are making a comeback. Ah, Jerry, you forgot the fact that Ford basically threw away their lead in the compact-truck market by allowing the Ranger to age not so gracefully. Flint's bottom line is that Ford lacks product direction, which is inexcusable given that they don't share GM's problem of too many brands.

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