Despite its innovative use of what was basically a discarded minivan assembly line that led to an extremely small tooling investment, the Ridgeline's selling price remains a problem when compared to other compact trucks in the market. The average transaction price was nearly $32K last month, and the vehicle only sold 3,585 units in the month of June. To be honest, that's not far off Honda's stated goal of 50,000 units/year, but "negative buzz" is a strong factor in the current market, and we've got to wonder if the Ridgeline stands a chance at its current selling price. Then again, maybe Honda's small investment means that they're making a killing on each unit, and maybe they don't want to play the high-volume-low-margin game. We can here the "I told you so!" chorus from both sides already, because the Ridgeline has been a vehicle that has polarized our readership.

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