Yet another issue covered by the massive energy bill is the test method used to measure fuel economy. While we've heard much about the sometimes-disappointing economy achieved by hybrids, it's no secret that the mileage of "regular" vehicles can sometimes vary significantly from what it says on the window sticker; sometimes it's better, but many times it's worse. So is the EPA changing the test method to better reflect today's driving habits? Nope. That's due to the efforts of Rep. Mike Rogers from Brighton, MI, who was successful at retaining the current test and instead forcing modifications to the calculations that the EPA performs afterwards. You might think that such a move by a representative from the Detroit area would be a blatant attempt to help out the Big 3, and you'd get little argument from Rogers. In our opinion, this sort of protectionism does little to dispel the notion that American companies have trouble building fuel-efficient cars, and in the process it also results in a lot of wasted effort on behalf of the car companies who have to perform an expensive and complex test that produces inaccurate results.

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