All the plans were in place for a Ford Fusion to make a surprise appearance in Eminem's next video, that is until some smart people at Ford decided to listen to Mr. Mather's current single, "Ass Like That". Needless to say, Ford pulled the plans citing that "It just wasn't Ford," which begs the question, what song would be most Ford-like? Obviously Ford would've like to have cashed in on the success other brands have had associating their vehicles with mainstream hip-hop artists, specifically DaimlerChrysler with the 300C, Magnum and Charger. Most analysts are saying this was a good move for Ford, but we say it was a good move for Slim Shady. I mean, come on, 50-cent gets the first Charger off the line and the star of 8-mile gets a FWD V6 sedan?

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