Chevrolet set a new record for monthly full-size truck sales in June by selling 109,359 Silverados, which means sales of the F-150 were surpassed for the first time since Ford set the previous record of 102,424 units in October of 2001. The Bowtie boys must be beaming, even if the record was due in large part to GM's industry leading incentive programs. What's more, for the year the Silverado is only 23,526 units behind the F-150. Regardless of what happens to each company's Employee Pricing promotions, expect a price war to be waged the likes of which have never been seen between these two truck titans for the industry's top sales honor. Mark my words, Ford will do anything to keep this title and maintain its streak of 28 years atop the leader board. Our prediction is that both companies will release stripped, high-value/low-price models to boost sales and Ford will announce the first (real) hybrid full-size pickup. Advantage: Ford wins it with a buzzer-beater in December. What do you think?

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