No matter where you are right now, you should follow the Read link and check out Climb Dance, a short film (5:14 in length) that documents Ari Vatanen's record run at the 1988 Pike's Peak Hill Climb in a four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering Peugot 405 T16. The short film will make you pee your pants at times, as Vatanen drives with one hand at times while shielding his face from the sun and literally hangs a rear wheel over a 14,000-foot drop. Perhaps you've seen Climb Dance already, as I assume a video like this would not go unnoticed for long, but I hadn't and The Auto Prophet fortunately posted a link to its location on Check it out and then try to recreate it on Gran Turismo 4 where the possibility of plummeting to your death has been fortunately deleted from the experience.

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