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It's definitely more boy-racer than its 300C SRT8 brother, but the Dodge Magnum SRT8 still possess a lot of the characteristics that make the Chrysler a blast to drive. The Magnum still has the same 6.1-liter HEMI V8. It has a similar stance and 20 inch wheels. The same dedication that has been put into the other SRT vehicles has also been focused on the Magnum.

The SRT group has put some serious brakes on this car, giving the Magnum awesome stopping power. Zero to 100 to zero performance is a very important benefit of the SRT treatment. SRT is not just about the classic hot rod mentality, and it shows in vehicles like the Magnum. The Magnum?s SRT treatment gives it a European tuner look. That combined with the roar of the V8 creates a unique aura.

SRT Magnum

I could play with the typical wagon/hauling clich?, but instead I will tell you about how it behaves on the track. The mass of this wagon is well controlled. The car?s power is easy to control and made hustling such a large wagon around the track relatively easy. From a driving experience perspective, the Magnum/300C vehicles were a joy on the track. This was surprising. While not quite as light on their feet as the SRT4 or SRT6, the power of the Hemi V8 made them as much fun. Actually, the car is more enjoyable than the SRT6. Off the track, in normal driving, a car like this is as versatile as it is fun to drive. That is a definite plus in our book.

Magnum SRT8

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