According to Bentley North American CEO Andrew Stuart, sales of the Bentley Continental GT have far exceeded the original goal of 1,400 units in NA last year, with 2,300 finding their way into lucky hands. That includes two for the owner of a gas station a few miles down the road from my house, where's it's more common to see a farmer filling up his tractor than it is to see a mini-fleet of European luxury cars. No, I'm not bitter about having helped to finance those. Anyways, as Stuart says, there appears to be a "sweet spot" in the $150-200K range, but there's still some challenges such as how to protect the resale value of Bentley's product, the difficulty of performing marketing studies, and what's the right inventory level for dealers. Stuart claims that the German content of the Continental haven't yet presented problems for their current buyers, probably because they're not exactly "brand heritage" snobs.

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