Solara_G6 300 AB

On two separate occasions I have mistaken the back end of a new Pontiac G6 coupe for the derriere of a Toyota Solara. Both times the car has been in a parking space leaving only the rear to view, and those taillights have thrown me on each occasion. Personally I find the Solara to be one of Toyota's least attractive vehicles, especially this current generation with styling that's bloated and visually heavy. The G6 coupe, which may appear to ape the Solara from some angles, especially from the rear, wears a much tighter design that's clean and taut, almost athletic. Though not as interesting to look at as say a CTS or Corvette, we think the G6 is one of GM's most aesthetically pleasing designs and a godsend for Pontiac, which has been desperate lately for a pretty face in the family.

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