General Motors has begun selling its HUMMER division's H3 model across Europe. The H3 is the baby HUMMER based on the Colorado truck platform and will most likely experience even more success in size-sensitive Europe than the larger H2, which is currently available in 33 countries. For now the H3's will come from the U.S., but soon GM's plant in Struandale, South Africa will take over production and begin assembling both left- and right-hand drive versions. A diesel engine will also be added as an option sometime in late 2006.

Just as a side note, this picture of an H3 driving around Paris seems to vividly convey the stereotype of a U.S. that is big, bold and brash. There?s this over-sized truck painted a bright yellow driving on an old cobblestone road amidst boring sedans and eurovans. I?m sure HUMMER?s marketing people want to play off this stereotype, but I wonder if the shot was planned by a European or someone from the U.S.?

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