Having focused the bulk of its business during the last five years on the service and distribution industries, Discrete Wireless is now making its GPS vehicle tracking system, called Marcus, available to paranoid parents who want to monitor their teen's movements. The 'rents will be able to log on to a secure website 24/7 to see exactly where their Marcus-equipped vehicle is at any moment. The system can even be customized to alert parents vwhen their teen is doing something naughty, like going somewhere that's off-limits, using the vehicle during school hours or exceeding pre-defined speed limits. Insurance companies are even contemplating using this system in a behavioral-based GPS program where the speed and distances of a vehicle could be monitored and policyholders who remained within certain parameters could receive discounts on their premiums.

You know, I?ve been thinking of a way to express how violating this technology appears to be, but I suspect that many parents might disagree. Since kids don?t have the same claims to privacy that adult citizens do, GPS tracking technology could be a very effective way to keep them out of harm?s way during a period in which they don?t always make the best choices. Insurance companies, however, better mind their own business. I?d rather pay a higher premium than have someone in a customer service center know where I am at all times.

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