If the transportation bill goes through Congress in its current state, then we can expect it to mandate NHTSA to revamp its side-impact and rollover safety testing standards, along with some other changes. Particularly, some sort of dynamic rollover testing might be implemented (which was just rejected by NHTSA a month ago). We'd also see legislation requiring NHTSA to reduce the number of rollovers, increased side-impact protection, revised power-window switches, mandatory display of crash info on window stickers, and finally <take deep breath> increased safety testing of 15-passenger vans and other low-production vehicles. It would appear that most of these measures would be implemented by NHTSA between 2007-2009, and then tied up in court for a few years before making their way to production vehicles. None of this does a damn bit of good in keeping incompetent drivers off the road, which of course is a measure that would affect too many members of Congress.

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