Since the start of the auto industry, it's been a strange and proud tradition to make land speed record attempts with just about anything that rolls on wheels. The number of categories in the FIA rulebook is amazing, so the Chevrolet HHR fits in there somewhere; even if said HHR has been chopped, dropped onto a tube frame, and powers the rear wheels via a turbocharged 2.0 L Ecotec that makes over 800 HP at 45 PSI of boost. The class record for G/Blown Fuel Competition Coupe is a tick under 227 MPH (held by Jim Feuling, a gentleman with a lot of history both at the Salt Flats and with GM), so obviously the team will be attempting to top that during the week of Aug. 13-19. I'm thinking that GM would sell a lot more HHRs if this offered this version.

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