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This is the sort of car that makes your realize that you are a mere mortal. Having this much power, in such a light and capable package will make you realize that your driving skills are rubbish. The Viper's limits are so high that most drivers could never take full advantage of its capability..

SRT Track Day SRT10 Viper

Granted, you could probably act the fool and stretch the limits, but they are so high and the power so plentiful that doing so tempts fate. And fate is something you don?t necessarily want to tempt in an $85,000+ monster like this. Don?t let the convertible style fool you; this is no sissy-girl car. The controls have a weight to them that lets you know the Viper means business. The gearbox has a heft to it as well. Each shift must be done authority and decisiveness because each gear gives you more speed and more opportunity to stretch out that beautiful V10 under the hood.

SRT Track Day SRT10 Viper
When you accelerate in the Viper, you are treated to mechanical orchestra. The induction noise, exhaust roar, and gear whine all rising to the red-line before you disengage the clutch and prepare for another round. All this fun comes to an end too soon and makes this track seem WAY too small. The tragedy of deceleration is offset by the grip of the Viper?s huge brakes. They almost feel too powerful, but the confidence they give you is worth their weight in gold on the track. The beast corners absolutely flat and seems to have limitless grip. The adhesion is there unless you decide to abruptly apply unwise amounts of pressure to the right pedal. Such actions would probably help you find the limits of the Viper?s lateral grip and your own driving ability. The idea of sending the Viper off the track is a little unsavory. We didn?t get a chance to really hang it out in the Viper, but that didn?t stop us from having fun with some of the other SRT vehicles. We?ll get to

that later?

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SRT Track Day SRT10 Viper
While certainly more civilized than its predecessor, the Viper SRT10 is a venomous snake of a car. You can play with it all you want, but realize there is some serious power behind that sinister grill. The power and aura of this car is addictive. So, if you have the cash and want a plaything for the track, the Viper SRT10 is a great way to spend some disposable income. It?s just too bad we don?t have that much income to dispose of!

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