With their recent successes with the G35 and M35/45, Infiniti is looking to step up its flagship or place a model above it. The current Q45 sells in very small numbers and is not really in the forefront of many large luxury sedan buyers. While some are very loyal to the Q45, it is very 'forgettable.' The Q is becoming stale, and is in dire need of a refresh akin to the other transformations in Infiniti's line up. There is speculation that a model will be introduced above the Q. We believe that such a move would require a whole new model to be developed to remain consistent with Infiniti's current brand identity. Pricey models with no heritage can be a hard sell, especially in the more 'pedestrian' market of the mainstream luxury sedans. Their best bet is to totally redesign their Q45, perhaps giving it more power, instead of conjuring up a completely new model.

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