One of the most beloved nameplates in modern automotive history is coming back to the market in 2007, according to Autoweek. The CRX will join the Civic Si at the top of Honda's compact lineup. Beyond the fact that that it'll use the K20 (possibly rated at 197 HP instead of 200, because of the new SAE standards; Honda's said to be working on it), not much else is known. The European Civic concept probably lends some clues about styling, but not much else. Will it be a true two-seater? That's hard to say, considering the lack of love for anything without four seats in today's marketplace. Will it be as light as the previous CRX? Certainly not. And of course it'll use the same strut-style front suspension that other Civics will use, which will (justifiably) upset some purists. Let's just hope it's better than the Civic del Sol (and before anyone gets all angry, I actually owned one of those things, OK?). If the pricing is right and Honda hits the mark with its suspension tuning, the new CRX should do quite well for itself.

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