Jack Roush has had an interesting way to choose new drivers. He rents out a track, invites 25 or so up-and-coming drivers, and pits them against each other in one of his vehicles (lately, it's been a Craftsman series truck). Somehow, it picked up the name "Gong Show", and now it's going to be on the Discovery Channel as a 13-week series. Previous Gong Show winners include Kurt Busch, who got his start with Roush in 2000 as a result of his tryout and went on to win the Nextel Cup last year. While the driver's on-the-track skills (especially their ability to communicate their setups needs to the crew) are the most important part of the competition, this year's contest will also include off-the-track evaluations including mock media interviews. The debut date and name of the show haven't yet been set, but it's likely to conclude during Speed Week in February.

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