VRSCR Street RodThe big news is the redesign of the FXD Dyna line. The new Dyna series will feature a redesigned frame and a new six-speed 'Cruise Drive' transmission. The new frame is redesigned to increase rigidity. HD also has a 35th anniversary Super Glide that harks back to the 1971 model. While not an exact copy, it does share a paint scheme and some proportions with the old '71 model. Also new are two models added to the VRSC line, a VRSCD Night Rod (in black of course) and a VRSCR Street Rod. We were looking for a touring bike based on the VRSC's Revolution engine, but maybe one day. The VRSCR Street Rod has a more performance-oriented stance, with the rider moved up and forward on the bike, while the Night Rod seems to create a more custom stretched look with its shorter handle bars. Hopefully these additions will spark more H-D sales, which have not been the best lately.

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