Ah, yes, it's time for the traditional cross-town bickering in Detroit. Chrysler's recent ads tout better resale value than Ford or GM (Honda doesn't get mentioned for some reason). GM disagrees with that assertion, to put it lightly, and is said to be "exploring various courses of action" (that probably means some nasty letters from lawyers as opposed to, well, improving their own resale values). Chrysler's claim is based on a corporate-wide average from Automotive Lease Guide, where as GM wants to compare nameplate-to-nameplate numbers from an undisclosed source. Ford also disagrees with Chrysler's claim but would rather use the opportunity to sling mud at GM, with company spokesman Dave Reuter stating "It doesn't surprise me at all that Chrysler is claiming better residuals than GM. Everyone does better than GM, which has some of the poorest residuals in history." None of Big 3 should be doing any bragging about resale values in our opinion, so this strikes us as rather silly.

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