After having lost the right to buy MG Rover last week to rival Chinese automaker Nanjing Automobile, SAIC says it's considering legal action to reverse the decision made by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the administrator of MG Rover's assets. China's biggest carmaker had a chance to save MG Rover earlier this year by entering into a joint venture with the British car builder, but opted not to and let it collapse. The company feels its bid was superior to Nanjing's because it offered better prospects for employment and car production in the U.K. Nanjing has already said it will move MG Rover's engine production and some car production to China, but guarantees to employ up to 2000 British workers. Both Chinese automakers are state-owned, a fact we weren't aware of but probably should've guessed.

Check out this wikepedia entry on SAIC to learn more about China's largest automaker and how it's linked to GM and Volkswagen.

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