Dan Knott SRT DirectorWe got the opportunity to chat it up with the guys from SRT. The current line up seems pretty stable, but there was one upcoming change we had to ask about. Knowing that the current SRT4 is based on the Dodge Neon, and that the Neon is scheduled to be replaced we though we would ask about the future of the SRT4. While they were mum on details about future models, we did have a discussion about the possibility of AWD showing up in the next version. While we were talking, I mentioned the current SRT4 not having AWD and that being a potential issue with the enthusiast community. Obviously price was a major factor "You can't have it all." explained Mirko Kerschbaum, Senior Manager of SRT Product Planning and Marketing. He's right. It's hard to beat the SRT4's starting price of $21,295, especially when you consider the power of which it's capable. While it seems the next SRT4 may not be AWD, the details of the Neon's replacement (which is based on the next generation Lancer platform) are still up in the air. So, would you, as a consumer, pay $3000-6000 more for all-wheel drive on the next SRT4 (answer below)?

From our experience, we can tell why Chrysler has been so successful lately. The guys at SRT are truly car people to the core. We even got the opportunity to ride with one of their chassis dynamics specialists, Steven Lyman, around the track. His driving and the dedication of his colleagues showed us how serious SRT really is. You can rest assured that anything with their logo on it will be a truly capable vehicle.

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