Most of the time on GM's Fastlane blog, we get to hear (um, well, read) Maximum Bob's views on GM's latest products. The most recent entry, however, is much different. Joe Katona, GM's Director of Vehicle Architecture, has been helping his son recovering from a paralyzing vehicle accident in April. He states that the experience has found him asking a lot of questions about vehicles for those with special transportation needs. GM offers features such as the Sit-N-Lift passenger chair and offers $1000 towards aftermarket adaptive equipment, while many other manufacturers offer similar programs (such as Ford's Mobility Motoring) and some cool concept cars have been built around the idea of providing increased access for disabled drivers. Hopefully the proliferation of drive-by-wire technology will lead the way towards much-improved controls for those unable to use standard vehicles. And as a side note - the Fastlane post wasn't an appropriate place for general gripes about GM. That takes a severe lack of class.

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