The Car Connection sat down with Bob Lutz to discuss the Solstice, and Maximum Bob claimed that he's "sure" that a coupe version of the vehicle will be introduced, now that the hurdles of launching the roadster are apparently conquered. Of course, a removable hardtop is on the way, but this would be a true fixed-roof two-seater. Who knows why GM decided to do a drop-top first; if it was an attempt to emulate the Boxster/Cayman relationship, then at least they won't be following Porsche's bizarre pricing scheme. Instead, expect the Solstice coupe to come in perhaps $1000 less than the roofless version, and maybe 50-100 pounds lighter as well. That would give it the potential to be an autocross terror. Lutz also stated that it would take "a substantial amount" of re-engineering to add two more seats to the Kappa platform, so don't expect any 2+2 configurations or the rebirth of the Nomad any time soon.

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