Lee Iacocca, enjoying a little bit of renewed fame with his return to the world of TV ads (he's done over 60 of them in his career), decided to go on record with the NY Times with his opinions on what's wrong with the US auto industry. Unfortunately, he offers little insight, and even less in the way of solutions. According to Lido, GM's problems come down to healthcare costs, a lack of direction for Pontiac and Buick, Lutz's lack of impact on product, and their investment in the Hummer brand instead of developing a hybrid strategy. OK, it's hard to argue with that. But it's nothing different than what hundreds of pundits and thousands of Internet keyboard warriors have been saying, and worse yet, he simply doesn't offer up any fresh ideas on how to attack these problems. It's disappointing because it's not everyday that we get to hear one of the industry's best former executives speaking up. But, hey, if it kept him from doing another one of those commericals in the meantime, I'm all for it. [For the link below, use BugMeNot]

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