While GM as a whole saw a significant jump in sales and market share during the month of June due to the public availability of the company's employee pricing plan, one of its brands was unable to capitalize on the promotion. Pontiac sales actually fell 14.1%. The official word is that sales were down because Pontiac fleet sales were halted, but dealers on the front line tell another story and blame poor marketing (remember the Oprah/G6 debacle?) and a lack of fresh product for Pontiac being the "toughest sale on earth". Pontiac plans to trim the fat and discontinue the Bonneville, Sunfire and Aztek, while introducing the much-too-long-awaited Solstice and Torrent "sport wagon", which is really just a rebadged Equinox. TCC also reports that the void left by the Sunfire will be filled by a spin-off the Chevy Cobalt, probably much like the Pursuit (shown) already sold in Canada. We expect the Solstice to inject some much needed fresh blood, but any boost to the brand's image could be a wash thanks to the pair of rebranded Chevys.

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