We had mentioned this before, when the original technology suggestion was vague, but it seems hybrids are definitely on Max Mosley's mind. And they are about to be on the minds of the fans of the sport. According to a survey that FIA conducted, fans want more overtaking in Formula 1. FIA president, Max Mosley, sent a letter to F1 teams to prepare them for the upcoming technology discussion, including the possibility of hybrid technology entering the mix. The addition of hybrid technology to the sport may allow for more overtaking per race, but this addition is counter to a previous report that recommended putting restrictions or downgrading the technology in today's F1 car. We have heard that some F1 teams have already been considering using hybrid technology in their vehicles. We wonder if the additional power afforded by these systems would only make overtaking more difficult. Of course, any move to change the technology content of a major motorsport will have a significant impact and will be the topic of much debate. Does technology improve motorsport, outside of safety technology? Does technology take away from a driver's contribution to the motorsport equation? These are all greater questions that should be resolved by the body before making any radical decisions.

Any move to include hybrid technology would further strengthen our view that hybrid technology is a performance enhancement, outside of its 'green' image. If the technology shows up in F1, it is possible that it will show its face in performance cars of all types. What about the next NSX, Honda?

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