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Engadget?s Donald Melanson reports that Verichip?s RFID Infant Protection System worked, stopping parents from removing their baby from a hospital without authorization. Marc Perton reports that the early Intel Macs are said to be fast. Columnist Ross Rubin looks at Peerflix, a DVD trading community.

best6_autoblog.jpgAutoblog?s John Neff thinks the new Lexus IS has the right stuff. How can profits not be important, Randall Halcomb wonders? Eric Bryant is cooking with gas.

best6_gadling2.jpgGadling?s Erik Olsen provides a primer for climbers who want to try Mount Rainier, and urges you to check out Joe Trek. Adrienne Wilson introduces you to the Barbecue University.

best5_luxistLuxist?s Peter Thompson shows us the view from Monaco. Rick Reed discovers a desk with its own treadmill. Deidre Woollard?s obsession with new flight options leads her to the CarterCopter.

best6_flash.jpgFlash Insider?s David Robinson finds one of the first Flash Player 8 applications, and doesn?t want you to learn ActionScript ? yet. Mike Schleifstein pranks with Flash.

best6_cine.jpgCinematical?s Karina Longworth wonders: Is the IFC Center hopelessly elitist? Adam Finley covers the Napoleon Dynamite action figures. C.K. Sample III revisits Citizen Kane

best6_photoshop.gifThe Unofficial Photoshop Weblog?s Jan Kabili offers several more tips on using Adobe Bridge with Photoshop, encourages you to investigate the entire Creative Suite, and  covers two ways to access Camera Raw in CS2.

best6_bbhub.jpgBBHub?s Russell Shaw spotlights, and lets you listen to, a Harry Potter ringtone for your BlackBerry. Russ reveals what just might be THE cure for BlackBerry thumb. He also explains why, when it comes to ?free? or ?inexpensive? BlackBerry promotional offers, you?ll wind up spending more money and waiting longer for your rebate than you ever thought you would.

best6_pvr.jpgPVR Wire?s Todd Carter provides TiVo remote control shortcuts. Kevin C. Tofel discusses the recent TiVo ad upgrade, and reveals Season Pass stats.

best6_droxy.jpgDroxy?s Ryan Saghir gives the Podsafe Music Network three thumbs up, and feels mainstream media is polluting podcasting.

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