The 1999 Acura Integra tops this year's most-stolen list, with other years of Integras combining to take 5 of the spots on the top-10 list. A whopping 1 of 200 '99 Integras was reported as stolen last year, which sounds like crappy odds for those interested in retaining their vehicles. Chalk this one up to a high demand for parts, not just from tuners looking for inexpensive B18 engines but also from individuals and repair shops who need lower-cost used parts but can't find them (Integras not being exactly common in most junkyards, and new parts from Honda not being exactly cheap). The oddest vehicle on the list in our opinion is the '91 GMC V2500, which is a 4WD 3/4-ton truck based on the very old "boxy" GM truck platform. It's a fairly rare vehicle, but provides a lot of desirable parts and is probably a cinch to steal. Notable omissions from this year's list is the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Chevy Caprice/Impala SS, and Oldsmobile Cutless Supreme, all of which have been very popular with thieves over the years. Acura also topped the list of most-stolen brands; Daewoo came in 4th on that list and proves that its vehicles are desirable if priced correctly.

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