We would say its not any more blasphemy than a Porsche SUV. Doron Levin, a Bloomberg columnist, hints at Porsche's plans to build a sedan. This heresy he speaks of is the same kind of reaction that followed the announcement of the Cayenne SUV. What is interesting in this particular column is not necessarily the talk of a potential Mercedes CLS competitor, but the care that Porsche went through prior to deciding to build the Cayenne. Porsche engaged its dealers, clubs, and enthusiasts in a discussion over the Cayenne. You can see what the outcome was, but the specifics of that process have not really been discussed. In general terms, the move to build an SUV was seen by many enthusiasts as necessary to continuing the financial stability of the brand. Of course, things are a bit different today than in the boom days of the SUV. With talk of a sedan coming, you can bet the same discussion is taking place.

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