We stole the idea for this post from our friends over at TV Squad, who have quickly elevated it into an art form. We'll try and make it a regular Sunday thing here on Autoblog, as well. I know it says "of the Week" in the title and these are older than a week, but I've been saving them for a while. The title will ring true next week, I promise.

"One juror thought it was too good to be a Ford."
From an article describing the reaction of a focus group juror to Ford's new Fusion.

"If auto companies are going to start leasing $1 million dollar vehicles for $500/month, I hope that means I'll be able to lease a $400,000 Porsche Carrera GT for $200/month real soon."
Comment from post regarding Honda's delivery of first fuel cell lease vehicle to L.A. family.

"As long as there are no coconut sounds whilst traveling forward…"
Comment from post announcing the availability of Monty Python's John Cleese as the voice in navigation systems. Many good one-liners at the above link.

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