Our buds over at Engadget were busy yesterday, having uploaded four posts on new GPS nav systems from Garmin. The first is the iQue M3 GPS Pocket PC (shown) that's a budget version of the M5 that was introduced earlier this year. The M3 comes with a new automotive-centric interface that allows controlling the unit using your finger rather than a stylus. Next up is the premium StreetPilot 2720, which goes for $1,099 and comes with a touch screen, text-to-speech, and compatibility with the GTM 10 FM receiver for traffic and weather info over Clear Channel's radio network. Lastly are the i3 and i2 that occupy the budget bracket. They're small, mount with a suction cup and feature a TransFlash memory card slot. The i3 goes for $399 and a color screen while the i2 makes do with a monochrome display and $299 pricetag.

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