Michael P. Fleming is a man on a mission, which is to bring helmet technology to kids in cars. There's no mention in this press release about what makes his helmet specifically designed to prevent head injuries inside automobiles, but it can pipe in audio from the radio, DVD player, game console or even the Nintendo DS that your kid just had to have because Tommy down the street has one. The release quotes a CDC statistic that states 2,542 children under 15 died in car accidents in 2002, which is, on a serious note, unfortunate. It does not, however, state how many of those deaths were attributed only to severe head trauma or whether a bicycle helmet with an audio input could've done squat to prevent them. Does anyone else think this is whack, or is it just me?
PS: The press release didn't provide a pic of the helmet in question, that's just some generic pic of a kid about to go for a bike ride.

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