watanabe toyota president

Investors love it when a company president says things like: "Sales volume and market share are not important." That kind of attitude is not necessarily a bad one when you're on track to becoming the world's largest auto manufacturer. Those were the words of Katsuaki Watanabe, Toyota Motor Corp.'s new president. His lofty goal is to create a car that cleans the air as you drive it, and causes no accidents. As an automotive enthusiast, it is easy to laugh at his dream. As a human being, his vision is so contradictory to how most of his peers approach the 'business' of making cars it just might work. As a critical thinker, I wonder if this is just another way for Toyota to ease its way into the number one spot. Cynical as that may be, Watanabe probably does believe in what he is saying. It will be interesting to see how that kind of commitment will be played out over Watanabe's tenure as president of Toyota.

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