Back in mid-April, lost in the fervor over GM's substantial problems, Harley-Davidson announced that they would be cutting back their sales expectations for 2005 by about 3%. As a result, their stock sank like a rock; after all, H-D is one of very few companies in the US market that supposedly could sell as many units as they wished. Now they're facing a shareholder lawsuit (BugMeNot), spurred on by the fact that Harley's top two executives netted about $50M by selling their stock in July of 2004; about the same time, the lawsuit asserts, that H-D's overproduction in 2003 and 2004 was about to catch up with them. You'll remember that 2003 was the 100th anniversary for Harley-Davidson, and it's speculated that a whole lotta bikes were built in Milwaukee that year, flooding the market and eventually leading to softened demand.

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