Many people have no idea what role ASC plays in the auto industry. American Specialty Cars, which was actually American Sunroof Corporation until recently, began designing, engineering and producing open-air systems for autos back in 1982 with the Buck Riviera convertible. Since then 16 automotive brands have entrusted ASC with producing their drop tops, including Toyota and Mitsubishi, both of whom had execs present at an event celebrating the production of the company's one millionth convertible: a Toyota Solara convertible. ASC most recently made headlines with its Helios prototype, which is a production-ready 4-door convertible based on the Chrysler 300C. The next convertible the company will help produce is the 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder.
Read on to see a full list of the convertibles ASC has been a part of over the past 23 years.

  1982-1985      General Motors      Buick Riviera
  1983-1999      General Motors      Chevrolet Cavalier
  1983-1997      General Motors      Pontiac Sunbird/Sunfire
  1984-1990      Ford                      ASC/McLaren Mustang
  1984-1985      General Motors      Cadillac Eldorado
  1984-1985      Toyota                  Celica
  1985-1987      American Motors    Renault Alliance GTA
  1986-1994      General Motors      Chevrolet Corvette
  1986-1994      Saab                     Saab 900 Turbo
  1987-2000      General Motors      Chevrolet Camaro
  1987-1989      Toyota                  Celica
  1989-1990      DaimlerChrysler     Dodge Dakota
  1989-2002      General Motors      Pontiac Firebird
  1989-1991      Porsche                 944 S2
  1990-1991      General Motors      Buick Reatta
  1991-1993      Toyota                  Celica
  1991-1992      Infiniti                   M30   
  1991-1994      Rover                    Metro
  1990-1993      DaimlerChrysler     Dodge Shadow
  1992-1995      Porsche                 968  
  1992-1994      Nissan                   240SX  
  1993-1996      Nissan                   300ZX
  1995-1997      Mitsubishi              3000GT
  1995-1999      Toyota                  Celica
  1996-2000      Mitsubishi              Eclipse  
  1997-2002      BMW                     Z3
  1997-2000      Toyota                  Paseo/Cynos
  2000-2003      Toyota                  Solara
  2002-2004      BMW                     Z4
  2003-Present   General Motors     Chevrolet SSR
  2004-Present   Toyota                 Solara
  2004-Present   Hot Rods &
                             Horsepower     Dearborn Deuce Convertible
  2006               Mitsubishi             Eclipse

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