Did GM successfully lure new buyers into the fold with their employee-discount promotion (the much-desired "conquest sale"), or simply steal their own future sales (the less-wanted "pull-ahead")? We'd like to give you a straight answer, but that's unfortunately not quite possible. Looking at percentage breakdowns, GM increased their trade-in of other makes from 36.0% in May to 36.9% in June, with most of that improvement coming from former Chrysler and Ford owners. That would seem to indicate minimal improvement in conquest sales, and little ground gained over the larger Asian brands. On the other hand, is it appropriate to look at the percentage breakdown when GM's overall sales increased by 41%? Viewed in the light of absolute numbers, conquest sales shot up from about 125,000 to 180,000 in June, an increase of 55,000 new customers (GM's off-the-cuff numbers quoted in the linked article are different but show a similar absolute increase). So, which figure is a true indicator of GM's performance? We say "none of the above", and believe that it may take many months for this story to play out.

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