Hagerty Insurance (known for their coverage of collector cars) recently asked its customers to rank the top 10 movie car chases of all time. Topping the list was "Bullitt", which is a choice that's appropriate if for no other reason than the wicked sound of Steve McQueen's Mustang (the fact that McQueen was Hollywood's biggest gearhead should also be considered). It won a whopping 40% of total votes cast, giving it a significant lead over the number two selection, the remake of "Gone in 60 Seconds". "The French Connection" and "Ronin" placed only sixth and seventh, respectively, leading me to wonder just how many second-generation Trans Am owners are insured by Hagerty ("Smokey and the Bandit" ranked third). I'm a bit disappointed by the absence of "Terminator 2". Mock me if you will, but that scene where the T-1000 takes the big Kenworth tow truck off the bridge and into the canal was damn cool.

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