We have already put up a couple pictures of the 9-5's face lift. New photos, however, reveal that the face of the updated 9-5 will borrow heavily from the 9-X concept. The update is meant to extend the current car's life until the replacement arrives on the scene for 2008. The next generation 9-5 will be based on the Opel Vectra (Saturn Aura), but as a larger variant.

The new styling is actually very attractive, especially9-X Front compared to the current model. Styling is not the only thing that will save Saab, though. Content and pricing will also have a major impact on Saab?s sales. It seems that Saab will really have to watch their pricing in order for their situation to improve. Without AWD in the 9-3 and 9-5, they are better off pricing themselves slightly below Acura and Volvo to gain a larger following. Before the Employee Discount program, Saabs were especially expensive considering the overall package and their competition.

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