File this one under "cars we wish were sold in the US". And while you're at it, also file under "excessively clumsy alphanumeric names". While SVT flounders in Ford's home market, the Ford Performance Vehicle (FPV) division of Ford Australia cooks up a RWD four-door sedan with a 290 kW (390 HP) 5.4L Boss V8, the option of a 6-speed T56 manual or 4-speed auto, Brembo brakes, and 19" wheels. Yummy!

The price isn?t cheap at the equivalent of $52,000, which would put it up against some stiff competition from Chrysler?s 300C SRT-8 and Cadillac?s CTS-V. I?d recommend checking out the other FPV models as well (the F6 Tornado is unique, to say the least). If there?s anyone visiting this site from Australia, can you please explain how you guys get so many cool cars?
[Hat tip: ProudPony on the CamaroZ28 forum]
2005 Ford FPV GT-P Front 425 PR
2005 Ford FPV GT-P Interior 425 PR

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